Who is..?

Alex Joachim is a Haitian American photographer, cinematographer, graphic illustrator, designer and more based in Boston. The true definition of a renaissance artist, Alex uses a myriad of artistic mediums to progress his creativity in a world that so often stifles creatives of color. Alex graduated with degrees in business and the creative arts — he uses his experiences in both areas to manifest his visions in whichever ways he sees fit. His photography is a stunning visual representation of the spirit of rebellion and protest while simultaneously showcasing the raw, unrefined beauty of the human spirit.

With amazing works published in Dark Beauty Magazine, Toksick Magazine & African Digital Art and an award from Harvard University under his belt, Alex Joachim is poised to mercilessly take the creative world by storm. You can find Alex on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Snapchat (byAlexJoachim). -Arielle Gray(from Epicenter Community: #MCM: Alex Joachim)


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